Breaking Point… ..

  Doubt came rushing  through my head. Not the “I am so tired of studying, do I really want to do this?” kind of 5 minute long doubt. This doubt was the overwhelming feeling of FEAR. The fear of the possibility of not succeeding in reaching my goal of becoming the doctor I really wanted … More Breaking Point… ..

Mr Cadaver

Med school is a hell trap mehn. It feels like it is getting lighter one day and another seem like it’s gonna break us too. This is a piece from one of our readers, Clemency Green. An awesome piece it is.. Don’t forget to leave a comment below after reading. How often do you appreciate … More Mr Cadaver

Beauty of Sight..

Where beauty meets the eye.. Do you have perfect sight? Have you ever wondered what it is like to look at an object and not be able to pick out the defining outline of the object whilst everyone else can see it clearly? Have you ever been in a situation where you can’t see but … More Beauty of Sight..

Can’t Believe It

Originally posted on Enchantingly Eclectic:
I did it! I made it to medical school. I am proud to share that I have begun my medical journey at Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine (OUHCOM). Though I have been in work mode all summer, I have yet to sink in the feeling that I am…

AMBITION; the hole

So I am a medical student, and just as many may argue it took me quite a lot to get to right where I stand. Moving from high school, then college and finally securing a spot in medical school. As mammoth as this achievement may seem, why does it feel like my whole life just … More AMBITION; the hole

The Guest

Originally posted on Behind the White Coat:
The headmaster was standing at the back of the room in his brown suit and brown tie, his arms crossed somberly across his chest. He was a serious man who never joked, never smiled. I was nervous just looking at him. It was my second grade class and…